Summer Term 2022

Important Note:
The question whether the lecture and the seminar course are allowed to be held in the lecture hall will be answered in due course.

Lecture Course „Reaction Mechanisms (Master Course, OC IV)“
The lecture is held in SN 20.2 every Tuesday 8:00-9:30 am. It starts April-19-2022. Different classes of reaction mechanisms will be discussed. Special emphasis is put on the reactivity and on physical organic questions regarding the elucidation of reaction mechanisms (such as kinetic data, isolation of reactive intermediates, isotope effects etc.). Basic knowledge of mechanisms in organic chemistry is absolutely required. The lecture will not repeat knowledge which has been acquired during the Bachelor studies. Corresponding material is available via Stud.IP. An accompanying seminar course will be offered for a deeper understanding of the subject (see below).

Seminar Course „Reaction Mechanisms“
The course takes place every Thursday 11:30 am in SN 20.2. Respective exercises are available via Stud.IP after each lecture and should be solved before attending the course.

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